Lecture 4 – The Static and Kinetic Screen

Lecture by Greg Hughes

  • Static – is where things in print or on a screen are motionless (not move).
  • kinetic – is motion or things changing over time on screen or with an interactive product.

Static Design Principles can be connected and interacted with Kinetic Design Principles.

Part 1: Play, Experience, Design

The theory of play is where you design for a engaging and more fun experience of interaction with users which Polaine explores. He states the interaction design as a “concept of how elements function…. what they do, what they look like, what they look like they do, and the experience of using them… In many cases it is about making complicated things easier and more pleasurable to use”. These elements are all research related in order to find out about products and how people perceive them and the experiences they gain from using them and also interacting with them to help for a better design to be made. To then look at the results and design for fun makes for better and more enjoyable products which can make play an essential focus in product design considerations (i.e. Game Design). It is therefor essential when creating interactive designs or an interaction for someone and must be explored at great detail to get the best possible solution for the design need.

From Polaine we can now look at static graphic composition and how the screen looks. We need to start making things easier and more pleasurable to use and this would involve the interaction of a user with the human eye to determine what they view and how they will then use. This is seen through how people would look at a web page and where they eyes are drawn to first and then what there after. Through this study, you can find out what has been noticed and what type of visual or text has been skipped over. From the results you can therefor create a better static page that will enable more interaction of all parts from the user.

Part 2: Using What You Know: Static composition and visual hierarchy



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