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How to make Toast: Flowchart

How to make toast: Step by Step Guide

  1. Start with a loaf of bread and a toaster.
  2. Plug toaster into a wall socket and switch on.
  3. Open sliced bread packet and remove required number of bread slices from the bag.
  4. Place slices of bread, vertically into each of the toast slots, so that the bread does not become misshapen.
  5. Set the toasting time by turning the numbered dial to 4-6 (medium).
  6. With the bread correctly in each slot and the required setting selected, push the leaver on the side down until it clicks and remains down.
  7. Monitor bread to make sure it does not burn. If burning occurs press the cancel button located next to the temperature gauge.
  8. When toast is ready the leaver and the toast (bread) will protrude from the top of the toaster. If the toast doesn’t rise from the toaster after it has popped, raise the leaver, to manually access your toast.
  9. Remove toast from toaster (WARNING: toast and toaster may be hot).
  10. Prepare and enjoy.