Lecture 2 – Interaction – Interactivity

Lecture by Sarah Waterson


With Interaction Design, there are 5 main areas that assist to the successful development and design of a product or system. These 5 areas include:

  • Interactivity
  • Information Architecture
  • Time and Motion
  • Narrative
  • Interface

All these areas are needed when considering designing for interaction and all co-inside with each other as they all work with each other to create interaction (can not have one without the other).

Bill Verplank defines interaction design as “the focus on design for people interacting with the world and getting feedback from the world”. He then explores the train of thought needed when designing for interaction. He wants us to think about the consumers and question how when with a product, what is leading them to act, feel and understand the way they are. This leads to a better understanding of of a user and what they can gain from a product.

Interactivity is one of the key areas that contribute to interactive design and can simply be put as how much a person can work together with one or more products. It is how much control they can have, the choices it can offer them and what they can be influenced by and gain from a product.


Interactivity is a very important aspect that all designers need to consider when designing a product. This is because a lot of focus on Interactivity will help create the success of a product with it ability to help in interaction by enabling a user to learn, be more engaging and greater control leading to more a higher satisfaction in feeling more in control and powerful over a product (rather than the one being controlled).


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